Paris Baguette ~That one good cake!

12 thoughts on “Paris Baguette ~That one good cake!”

    1. They do have a few things worth eating… and once in a while it’s not too bad… but overall most of their stuff isn’t great. You’re not missing much not trying the cakes. They just taste of cream and air… and not good cream either.

      1. I tried their stuff because people keep mentioning them to their blogs. I should check out cafes in korea when I get the chance to visit again.

      2. Yes~ definietly check out the cafes. But the more independant ones. Avoid all the big franchises like Paris Baguette. I’m surprised there were a lot of blogs about Paris Baguette… most foreigners I know here don’t like it.

  1. hahaha this is great! I hope you can review other types of food as well. Sometimes, I don’t know where to eat. If I ever have to eat a cake though, I guess this would be the one I will try out! And =-= to eating cakes with chopsticks.

    1. 😀 Thanks for your comment.
      I will think about it, but I did intend to stick mainly to sweet food at least. There are quite a few other blogs that do food in Korea, so I wanted to stick to something specific.

  2. I have to admit, I was definitely tempted by these cakes when I walked by them. But now that I’ve read your blog post, I’m glad I didn’t have time to try them. 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thank you for the like on my post! I never expected to find a blog just about Korean cakes haha.
    Also, have you ever tried Paris Baguette in the United States? I’ve only had it here and I think it’s pretty good. Compared to American cakes which are super heavy and way too sweet, I like Paris Baguette’s cakes which are lighter and have a good amount of sweetness.

    1. Thanks for the comment~ No I’ve never tried Paris Baguette outside Korea, so I can’t comment on the taste. Lighter is definitely a fair assessment of their cakes… but to me it’s more on the bland side of sweet, and has too much of the generic 생크림, that gives everything a slightly oily feel, that they love to put on cakes here. ^^

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