Plant ~ Seoul

The cakes in the following picture are from a wonderful little place called Plant in Itaewon. It’s a little out of the way, so quite hard to find, but if you check out their  Facebook Page (for non Facebook people, here is their website) you can find clear directions, as well as more information about their yummy … Continue reading Plant ~ Seoul

Cafe Da

This one is more of a coffee post that a cake post actually. So branching out here~ Cafe Da is mainly a roosting / barista training place that specialises in organic coffee, however they also have regular cafes. I have only experienced the places in Yongin (both a cafe and roasting school), but they also have … Continue reading Cafe Da

Shawn Pie ~ Kondae

A little known, out of the way pie shop near Konkuk University (건국대학교). I tried their apple pie. They made it well~ My only criticism would be the size… could have eaten more. You can buy whole ones or slice… this one particularly would be great warm with cream. Just sayin’ ㅋ ㅋㅋ Any way~ … Continue reading Shawn Pie ~ Kondae

Baker City Cheese Cake [EDIT]

[EDIT] Sadly this place seems to have gone. I don’t know if they have branches in other locations, but the Kondae one is no longer there. I walked down that street yesterday and a lot has changed. ————————————————————————– Chocolate and cheese cake layer cake – and cheese cake from Baker City Coffee near Konkuk University … Continue reading Baker City Cheese Cake [EDIT]